Enferi is a Player versus Environment multiplayer hack and slash game that has been in development since early 2018. The game will give hack and slash fans what the genre has been lacking, a low entry, fast paced single/multiplayer experience with split screen mode.

Enferi is designed to be an easy to pick up and hard to master game for people to play together, or to master in a solo adventure. Armed to the teeth with an electrified sword, two rifles and dark magic, the player’s goal is to survive the demonic forces of the Enferi for as long as they can.

The gameplay is comparable to zombie mode games where the player has to survive as long as he/she can against the hordes in an ever increasingly difficult environment with permanent death. In each stage, the players will have to endure the horde of Enferi, including a boss that needs to be beaten in order to advance to the next stage.

The players will have the ability to level up their characters to amplify their magic, guns, strength, or durability during the game. But once all members of the team have fallen, all players start over from scratch, resetting their level and starting from Stage 1. Permanent death might seem harsh or difficult, but the game isn’t designed to be completed. In other words, the game is as long as the players can stand. It’s meant to be a challenge to the player, to explore new stages they haven’t discovered yet, to try out different builds to see what works best for themselves or for the team.

The game will feature local and online multiplayer for up to four players, with an option for local split screen mode. Not too keen on playing together? Not to worry, the game will also feature leader boards for bragging rights and achievements for reaching certain goals. These achievements will go hand in hand with certain cosmetic customisations for the players character.

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